Tidal Pool

My Background and "One Square Mile"

After a 25 year career in museum store management and consulting and while having access to world class collections of art and photography, I found inspiration working around all those museum collections. Eventually, I realized I wanted to learn more about photography and began to formally study photography in the 90's at NESOP in Boston followed by workshops and a 9 year long personal project of photographing five Cape Cod towns which I later called, "One Square Mile" (OSM).  It (OSM) was a germ of an idea that grew over time. Just going out and photographing the landscape became too broad a subject matter for me. I had to hone it in so to speak. Slowing down and studying the landscape more thougtfully gave me the pace I needed to "see" my surroundings in a way that better described the atmosphere of a place. Make sense?

One Square Mile and my work process

This project provided a framework for me. The idea was to spend a morning, afternoon, evening or as much time as I chose, in some cases all day, walking slowly within a one square mile perimeter and identifying a composition. I would make a series of "study" images to work from. Then I would zone in and eventually the composition would begin to present itself. It is a process that takes time. I am not what you would call, a point and shoot photographer. I need to stop, look, connect and find a way that the landscape talks back to me. It is when I see that shapes, textures and color appear in harmony within the constraints of my viewpoint and then within the viewfinder. I stay in one place until I feel satisfied that I made at least one photograph that reflects an emotional expression of my experience within that square mile. I can't say that I knew exactly what a square mile was as it was just an approximation. Once I determined my composition, I might return to that exact place time and again throughout the season at various times of day until I was satisfied with the final image. Then, hours are spent in my digital darkroom, quietly reviewing and memorizing. 

  While building my portfolio and signature style images, I studied fine art printing and have made and sold carefully chosen images of my fine art prints. For me, the final print is as important as the digital image. I produce a series of sample prints and make what ever adjustments necessary until the print looks as close to the digital image as possible. I do not out-source my printing. In about fifteen years time, I have produced an extensive portfolio but feature only a very select group of "popular" images on this website. I am in the process of establishing a new project in Ireland. It is moving slowly but what is the rush? 

In the spring of 2013 I met Irish artist, Kevin Mc Namara and my life changed again! We married in the spring of 2016 and merged our lives. We now divide our time between the USA and Ireland where we both work in the landscape. You are welcome to visit Kevin's website or his page on my site. You are also invited to visit the studio in Ireland! Just drop us an email and let us know when you plan to be in the area. Look for the signs on the N67 from Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland.

    Email: rachmonte@hotmail. 

I have been photographing Kevin while he paints from life outdoors, in the studio or while he is teaching workshops. You can view some of the images on the Kevin Mc Namara page-see MORE or on his website at www.kevinmcnamara.us. 

Thank you! I want to thank all of my customers who supported my efforts and purchased my prints during my time on Cape Cod. Your purchases enabled me to continue working. The best compliment you can give an artist is to purchase the work. It was also your word of mouth that sent me new customers as well! Thanks a million!! I look forward to completing my next project in Ireland and offering a new collection of prints!

Photography Services - Prints - Workshops

Prints: Please email me about ordering one of my giclee prints. Price range from 25.00 to 500.00 depending up on the size.  rachmonte@hotmail.com- If you prefer to contact me by snail mail, please write to Rachael Montejo -Clooneyogan South, Moy-Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland. 

Photography Services:  If you find yourself needing a photographer for a day, a small event along the West Coast of Ireland or have a photographic project you would like to discuss, just drop me an email! 

Landscape Photography Workshops in Ireland: Are you planning a trip to the West of Ireland? Would you like to join one of my new workshops in Co. Clare near the Cliffs of Moher? Drop me an email! 

Hand made Geode section necklace.

My Jewelry

After attending a workshop on jewelry making about ten years ago, I began designing my own pieces. Each piece I make is one of a kind. I do not sell my jewelry on-line but you can look at examples of some of my pieces on my jewelry page and visit the studio in Moy, Co. Clare Ireland to see whats new and available for purchase.  Please email me at rachmonte@hotmail.com